Little Black Dress Charity Ball
The story is simple, like the little black dress that inspired it. Sandra Carringer from Apex, N.C., bought a little black dress belonging to Oprah Winfrey on Oct. 5, 2004. The little black dress has become the centerpiece of The Little Black Dress Charity Ball which was created specifically to raise awareness and funds for The Place of Possibilities.

Our hope was that the Little Black Dress would be auctioned at the first Little Black Dress Charity Ball on Feb. 11, 2005 and that the new owner would carry the dress away to be auctioned again and again to raise money for other charities. That hope became a reality when the dress was sold for $13,000.

The dress traveled to Sylvania, Ohio, where it served the Friends of the Lathrop House, then remained in Ohio to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the William T. Jerome Library at Bowling Green State University. This year it returns to North Carolina to benefit Interact.

The Little Black Dress continues its amazing adventure—to be shared by others to benefit many.

Our story will become your story.

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